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 A freelance web designer trying to make the world a better place one website at a time.

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Web Designer and Communications Freelancer

My Background  

I originally started working in graphics and website design at Adobe Systems in Calgary. I was lucky enough to be part of a company that designed great products, supported them in-house and built a website that generated thousands in sales ever day. I’ve since gone on to work as a project manager and an account executive at creative design companies as well as advertising firms. I’ve worked with clients such the Calgary Flames, the Alberta Government, and the Calgary Stampeders.

I’ve been working in Victoria for almost ten years and my clients include the Vancouver Island Health Authority and a number of non-profit organizations such as St.Chirstopher’s Montessori School and The Midwives in Victoria. I am currently enrolled in the Public Relations Program at the University of Victoria.

  • Brand Strategy 85%
  • Website Design 90%
  • Communication Planning 85%
  • Social Media 80%
  • Project Management 87%
  • Customer Happiness 92.5%
What I do at MHO Design

I work with business owners and people who want to communicate their message to a broader audience. Your goal could be to grow your client base, promote your cause or keep people informed about your organization. I help make that happen.

How that works

I sit down with people and find out what they want to accomplish. Once we have a goal we can chart a course. If they have some social media or communication strategies in place then we see what’s working and what isn’t. We keep the good stuff.

Simplify the process

I create a simple communication strategy that is realistic and practical. We find social media platforms that complement your business or organization and then develop a plan that makes it happen. Too many people start blogs or newsletters and then don’t follow up on them. It’s easy to do but that’s where I can help you deliver consistent professional updates that your clients will enjoy getting. Don’t know where to start? Read my FAQ Page – it might help.

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