Communicate with people & watch good things happen

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It’s just good business.

It’s a number worth looking at. The return on investment for email marketing is estimated at 4300% – not bad. So what’s the secret?

  • Offer real value.
  • Have a plan.
  • Do it right.

Send Professional emails and newsletters that inform your customers and make them feel like they matter. Want to learn more? Email me.


The ROI on Email marketing

Communicating in a digital world: The basics

Make a Plan

With a plan in place, everyone is on the same page.  A good communication plan defines your message, your goals, and your method. You can outline your project, assign responsibilities and timelines. It’s like a roadmap so you always know exactly where you are.

Get on target

If you can define your audience you are half way there. Who are your key stakeholders? Your customers? The more you can understand your audience the better the chance you have of reaching them in a way that relates to them. Target your audience and thrive.

Choose your tools

Communication planning used to just be about emails, charts, and meetings but the toolbox has grown. Social Media, Blogging, responsive newsletters, and e-mail marketing – they all help you communicate successfully and speak to the people that matter: Clients and stakeholders.

Evaluate Results

You can learn as much from failure as you can from success.  Having goals and setting benchmarks lets you evaluate how successful your plan was. Then you can measure results, evaluate feedback and be even more effective the next time. Remeber: Communications is an ongoing project.

Personalized Solutions

Stand out in a busy world by sending emails & newsletters that your clients enjoy getting. It’s easy and I can show you how. Packages start at just $79/month.

  • A customized communication plan that works for you
  • Help choosing the social media tools that work’s for you
  • Dynamic emails and newsletters that help your clients and customers
  • Help you set up an email contact and subscription list
  • Get your business or organization listed on search engines and local search

Social Media your way….

Social Media can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a powerful tool that can help you spread the word about your organization, your business or an event. It’s too big to miss and done right, it’s painless. Let me show you how.

  • Get a customized social  media plan that makes sense for you and your goals.
  • Professional Twitter or Facebook pages with quality placement of Logos and Images that make your page a place people want to visit.
  • Figure out what groups to join and where you can communicate your message to the best audience.
  • Automate Social media updates so they’re not a chore but a routine. On time, quality assured, measured results.

Communication Plan

Good communication is good business. Define your goals, your message and your audience with a detailed communication plan tailor made to your business or organization.

  • Review your current social media channels and evaluate their reach.
  • Unify your message and your branding across all mediums including websites, social media, email and written correspondence.
  • Make an accurate list of key stakeholders, managers, clients and customers.
  • Define the role of key people in your organization, assign roles and set benchmarks that everyone can work with.

It’s a Simple Idea:

Communicate with people and grow your business.
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