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The most important part of the process is clearly defining what you want to achieve. The better the plan, the better the end product.

The Build

Your site is built, tweaked and re-tweaked until things look and work great. Two way communication is essential.


Your website is tested for design and functionality. This is where good planning pays off.

Website Launch

Your new website is launched! Your customers offer amazing feedback and everyone is happy.

Some of my Clients

I get to work with some great people. Private Schools, Non-Profits, Health Care Providers and Property Developers.

Whatever your business, I can help.



"I asked for some updates and MHO Design gave me a brand new killer website."

– ROK Software

SMART website design

– Specific – Measurable – Agreed Upon – Realistic – Time-Based –

The user story

every user has a story, what’s yours?

The user story describes they type of user you will have, what they want and why. A user story will help create a simplified description of a requirement for your website. What’s a requirement? Read on.



Gathering requirements for your project

Many projects and many websites start without ever fully understanding the customer’s specific needs. Requirements gathering is about creating a clear and specific set of customer requirements that everyone has agreed on. It’s like a ‘must-have’ list for your project. Ideally, this includes involving the end user from the start, defining the scope of the project and, getting all stakeholders involved.

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testing in realtime

Agile website development

Even with careful planning, things can change. New issues pop up, people get ideas and problems arise. I think change is good, especially if it means solving problems or adding key features before your website is launched. Being agile means being involved during the process, being open to new ideas and evaluating as you go.

Evaluating results

Smart design means smart results

There are many ways to measure results but with clearly defined goals it’s easy. Are your requirements met and do they work. Does it work for your customers, your clients, and other stakeholders? Testing and evaluating a website is an ongoing process. I use analytics and customer feedback to see how things are working and what can be improved.

After the build:

Make it easy with Outsourcing Services

  • Scheduled Blogs, written and posted
  • Updates and promotional content added to your site for you
  • Site Maintenance
  • Email lists and subscription services
  • Newsletter and Email marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What other costs are involved?

Some of the other costs to consider are:

  • Purchasing a domain name
  • Hosting fees
  • Personalized Email accounts
  • Purchasing of written and image content
  • Purchase of specialized features such as e-commerce
What is the time frame for getting a site built?
It depends on how busy I am and the complexity of the site. Ideally you have at least a 2-3 month window before launch. Basic or individual sites take less time – complex business sites that require site maps and research take longer. Another key factor is client participation – I need your time and feedback to finish the project.
Do you require a deposit?
Most designers require a deposit up front and so do I. I ask every client for a 25% non-refundable deposit up front so I can begin researching and planning your website or communication plan.
What about running my web site?
I am happy to help you simplify your digital world and I offer competitive monthly rates to help you manage your website and any updates you need.
I've already started my site - can you help?
I can come in at any point and see what services I can offer but it’s not ideal. Sometimes coming into a project half way through might mean reconsidering some steps or design choices. If your ready to be open for new ideas, I can help.

Need to know more?

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.
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