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Want to meet up and discuss your goals? No problem. Email me and set up a time.


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Meeting up and discussing your online goals is free. If I can help great, if not I might be able to point you in the right direction.

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I can come in at any stage and help you plan your online strategies.

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I work with business owners, organization and people who are interested in growing their online business. I specialize in website design and communication strategies that help you connect with the people that matter and deliver the message you want. From small businesses to individual websites, I can help.

Web Design – Communications – Outsourcing Solutions

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Working with me: how it works

Starting a job right means it finishes right. This means that we work together to decide on priorities, deadlines and goals for your online project. We communicate throughout the processes to get the best possible result. If there’s more than one stakeholder then we need to decide how final decisions are made.

  • It can be a fun & exciting process. Try and enjoy the ride.
  • Content plan – do you have photos and written content? If you do great, if not you need a plan
  • Be open to new ideas – good things can happen.
  • Deadlines need to be decided in advance. I can do urgent but no one likes to work in a state of emergency.
  • Good communication is a two way street.
  • Adapt: A good plan is a beautiful thing but sometimes things can happen and then changes need to be made.
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Contact Information

The best way to contact me is through email:

Email me:

Michael Oomen – MHO Design


MHO Design is located in Victoria B.C. but I can work with clients anywhere.

Hours of Operation

9-5 Monday to Fridays all year long. Closed most holidays. If your request is urgent – please let me know.

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